The Casa-Trek

The Casa-trek is a journey across the Casamance between the Gambian and Guinea Bissau borders. The full trek can be completed in seven to ten days of walking and canoeing, depending upon rest days in the tranquil villages and beaches of this tropical paradise. We trek through forests, along beaches and across mangrove swamps. Approximately half the journey is on foot and the rest by pirogue (a local style canoe). We trek in the early mornings and late afternoons when it is cooler and stay in local villages where we are working with the Chiefs to help develop tourism in a responsible and sustainable manner. This is a unique chance to observe and participate in the village life of these remote communities and to observe some of their ceremonies and traditions.

Prices are dependent upon the number of trekkers and time period and are inclusive of transport, accommodation, food, traditional performances and guiding.

Please contact me with your requirements for a quote and suggestions of the best options.

A little bit of what to expect: